Introduction to Macroeconomics

Syllabus for Introduction to Macroeconomics


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Remeber as we have discussed in class and as it is noted in your syllabus, these lectures are here to aid you.  They are not substitutes for attending class and the lectures provided here do not cover all material that we discuss in class.  As noted in your syllabus these are excerpts.

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  Notes for Thursday August 30: Chapter 6 and Chapter 7

The presentations I will use for Chapter 6 and Chapter 7


Notes for Thursday September 6: Chapter 9



























Older class Notes Please ignore


Keynesian Economics: The Keynesian Cross and the Keynesian Model of Aggregate Demand

Wiki training session

Thursday October 12



  1. Money (this is a PDF file)
  2. Here is the on line presentation I used in class to explain the bank to bank demand deposit expansion process we discussed in class. You may find this helpful when developing your intuition of the money multiplier.

Worksheet #6